Graduate Institute of Hakka Culture Studies, National Kaohsiung Normal University
    Graduate Institute of Hakka Culture Studies is established in 2004, mainly for cultivating professionals, preventing Hakka language from disappearance, establishing multi-culture values, and cultivating Hakka language experts. Future directions are as follows. To encourage young scholars in the field of Hakka cultural research devoting themselves to jobs of research, preservation, collection, comparison and reproduction; so that Hakka cultures, a minor one though, can be regarded seriously, and therefore develop continuously. It’s our hope to build worldwide Hakka cultural resource database, make our Graduate Institute becoming worldwide Hakka cultural research center. Then data collection by our Graduate Institute is shared in public, so as to promote the status of Taiwan in Hakka cultural research.
To cultivate professionals to prevent Hakka language from disappearance: Hakka people spread many places in Taiwan. Now it is difficult to judge Hakka people from their appearance, including their dressing, speeches, and faces. They speak in Southern Fukien language and Mandarin with no Hakka accent. Nowadays, Hakka people in big city cannot speak in Hakka language, their language disappears at the yearly rate of 1%~3%. Someone caring about Hakka culture development worries about the situation of Hakka language disappearance. Society and family cannot prevent from that disappearance situation, but education can be the last defense line.
To establish multiple culture values: Taiwan is small, but there are many ethnic groups. Different ethnic groups help each other for three or four hundred years. Multiple culture values need to be cultivated. Hakka people are neither belonging to minor ethnic group nor major one under political, economic and social environments in Taiwan. In addition, due to slow-witted personality of Hakka people, they gradually become neglected “invisible persons”. Our Institute will provide a cradle to attract young people from various ethnic groups to care about Hakka culture and language disappearing day by day. We hope to increase interaction of ethnic groups with different language backgrounds.
To cultivate Hakka language research fellows: Hakka language is one of the top eight dialects of Chinese language. In Taiwan, population of Hakka people is just next to Southern Fukien people, but the research achievement of Hakka language can’t compare with that of Southern Fukien language. Taking research projects sponsored by National Science Council in 2002 as examples, number of the approved ones for Hakka language is less than one-tenth of that for Southern Fukien language. After careful consideration, we find out there are few professional scholars doing Hakka language research. Our Institute established on the principle of mutual benefit, the concept of mutual respect, and the consideration of eager needs of Hakka people, hope to do something for minor ethnic group, and to cultivate excellent research fellows for our country.
To cultivate Hakka language experts: Since Ministry of Education started to implement nine-year consistent education curriculum, it has urgently been wanted for mother language teaching including Hakka, Southern Fukien, and other indigenous language teaching in Taiwan. But there are few institutions for cultivating mother language teachers except for Hsinchu College of Teachers and Kaohsiung Normal University, and not any training institution for Hakka language teachers before 2002. Now Hakka people spread all over the world, and living everywhere in Taiwan. Therefore, it is urgent to establish a graduate institute of Hakka culture for preserving and exalting Hakka culture.
Developmental Priorities
To train young scholars to devote themselves to the research, safekeeping, collection, analysis, comparison and regeneration of Hakka culture for sustainable development.
To set up a database of the worldwide Hakka cultural resources so that our graduate institute will become the center of Hakka cultural research in the world and enhance Taiwan status in Hakka cultural research.
To focus on the research and education of the multi-culture, to attract more young scholars who are engaged in the multi-culture study coming to our institute. We aim to enhance Hakka culture importance by the comparison methods and to express the characteristics of Hakka culture.
To respond to multiple cultural trends, apply social scientific theories, absorb ethnic concepts via historical perspectives, and re-position essential of Hakka culture. Review the implication of Hakka culture based on modern theories and past experiences.
To solicit medium to large research plan, integrate social resource, and seek the opportunity of cooperation among industry, government and academic institutions. Endeavor to achieve the objective of application after learning and to cultivate talents aggressively doing Hakka cultural research based on theoretical training, teaching in classroom and fieldwork.
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