The Graduate Institute of Science Education was established in August 1992. The first head of this institution was Dr. Chou, Ching-Yang. In July 1994, Dr. Huang, Tai-Chu took his place. In July 1996, Dr. Hung, Jeng-Fung became the third person to be in charge of this instituion. In July 1999, Dr. Huang, once again, became the head. In July 2001, Dr. Leou, Shian in Department of Mathematics was invited to manage this institution. In July 2002, Dr. Chou was re-invited to govern this institution.

    The backgrounds of the graduate students in this institution are very diversified, and they can be categorized into five domainsˇJChemistry, Physics, Biology, Science of Earth and Media of Science Education. Under the nurture of the related courses and the instructions from professors of different expertise, these graduates can obtain a master degree of science with the specialty of science education.

    In the school year of 1998, doctoral students were also enrolled. The domains includesˇJChemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Biology, Science of Earth and Media of Science Education.

    The goals of the training for doctoral students areˇJ

1.    To cultivate research professionals of science education with excellent academic literacy.

2.    To nourish general personnel with mathematics and scientific knowledge.

3.    To prepare necessary qualified instructors for colleges in the related curriculum of science and science education, and also to raise the literacy of science education in primary and secondary science education.

4.    To prepare administrative personnel of science education with proper academic literacy.

5.    To upgrade the in-service training and research abilities of science teachers and science education researchers.


    The missions of this instituteˇJthose academic research professionals of science education, administrative personnel of science education and science teachers with teaching professional abilities, who were cultivated based on philosophical rationales and practical experiences of science education, are expected to, based on solid academic research results, propagate advisory works of science education to raise the scientific literacy of citizenry. Owing to the research of science education, instruction development and propagation services devoted by all the graduate students and faculties, it is also hoped that the theory and practices of science education would be in accordance with the practical necessaries in our country.


     The focal points and characteristics of instruction and research
    The design of curriculum in this institution focuses not only on the academic research abilities of students but also on intensifying their intellectual sensibilities with the hope to conduct science teacherˇ¦s missions effectively. There are three focal point in the institution for the futureˇJ

1.    To improve the environment and facilities of research and to raise the atmosphere of academic research.

2.    To upgrade the qualities of academic researches and to improve educational propagations.

3.    To strengthen academic interchange and to internationalize our researches of science education.


    Full time facultyˇJtwo professors, two associate professors and one assistant professor

    Part time facultyˇJthree professors, two associate professors and four assistant professors

    ˇ]Total of 14 instructors with ph.D degrees within or outside Taiwanˇ^


    In the present Yen-chau campus, there are well-provided classrooms of virtual reality internet-media of science education, of virtual reality internet-teaching curriculum for scientific experiment and PC classroom of teaching experiment. In addition, there are extra hubs in every ordinary classroom for graduate students to get on internet for their academic researches and communications. In the school year of 2004, a cognitive psychology laboratory is about to be set up, equipped with digital Electroencephalographˇ]EEGˇ^, AV Montage map display, digital monitors, digital PC analyzer, and EEG auxiliary instruments. This laboratory will be available for any other departments in this University as long as they are also interested in teacher preparation program, students learning and related research topics. It can also provide opportunities of cooperation with business organizations for researches or diagnosis. On the other hand, the nurture of research professionals in this field and the increase of opportunities to cooperate with business market are also our anticipations.
     Future expectations
ˇ@ ˇ@

    This institution dedicates itself to the academic researches and preparation of teachers in the domain of science education. We are looking forward to seeing the graduates to devote themselves to the related careers of science education in different levels of schools. They are expected to engage in the administrations of science education, design of science curriculum and evaluations of science teachers. Furthermore, they are also encouraged to upgrade themselves in the research of academic theories in this specific field for the possible progresses of domestic science education. Our future expectations includesˇJ

1.    To purchase up-to-dated laboratory instruments with all possible efforts for all the necessaries of researches and students learning.

2.    To invite distinguished scholars from abroad or domestic Universities to sustain the quality of faculty members.

3.    To establish a community of science education research with the mission to develop the foresaid characteristics of this institution.

4.    To enhance the large integrated research projects between Universities. 

5.    To strengthen the cooperation projects with business community.

6.    To upgrade the quality of instruction and to nurture the professionals of science education for the need of personnel in the constructions of this country.

7.    To understand the possible problems in science education, to improve the way science are educated and to promote the progresses and popularizations of science education based on academic research results and positive recommendations.

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